Juridische hulp

The right to legal aid is a basic right for everyone in the Netherlands, including for you as an undocumented migrant. If you cannot pay for aid yourself, a large share of the cost can be reimbursed. This is in the Constitution of the Netherlands.

A small number of community organisations offer social-legal aid and advice to undocumented migrants who cannot make use of regular institutions.

For more information

VluchtelingenWerk offers legal assistance around asylum applications: www.vluchtelingenwerk.nl/middennederland/locaties-adressen/locatie-almere

For information on family rights, including the birth of children, marriage, divorce, death and other family matters, see www.stichtinglos.nl/content/familierecht

About the right to social services for undocumented migrants, such as: Assistance, Special assistance, Child benefit and child budget, Care allowance and housing benefit, Study grants, the Regulation on the provisions for asylum seekers and other categories of aliens and the Regulation on the provisions for certain categories of aliens, see Stichting LOS, www.stichtinglos.nl/content/sociale-voorzieningen.

The Juridisch Loket offers free legal assistance around employment, housing, social and family rights: www.juridischloket.nl.