If you have lost touch with a family member because of war, a disaster, migration or another humanitarian reason, you can get support with tracing and restoring contact. See Restoring Family Links on the website of the Red Cross: www.rodekruis.nl/opsporing

For information about the following matters: Linking Act (Koppelingswet), Penalties for illegal residence, Penalties for assistance with illegal residence, Identity document, Registering with the municipality, Filing a report with the police, Bank account, Driving licence, Legal aid, Detention, Privacy, see: www.stichtinglos.nl/content/overige-rechten. The National Support Point for Undocumented Migrants (Landelijk Ongedocumenteerden Steunpunt, LOS), supports people and organisations working with undocumented migrants.

The Red Cross was born of a desire to bring assistance without discrimination. Around the world the organisation is committed to the same seven fundamental principles: humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality. These fundamental principles allow the Red Cross to work anywhere in the world.

The Red Cross does not give personal data about undocumented migrants to third parties. It will not give your information to third parties without written permission. Red Cross workers have a duty of confidentiality towards the people the help. As a rule, when information is requested the Red Cross will respond directly to the client.