In the Netherlands, people with health problems always see a GP first. The GP looks at the problems together with the patient. If the GP believes treatment is medically necessary, he or she can start a treatment or refer the patient to a different practitioner or a specialist.

There are many GPs in the municipality of Almere. Most work in their own neighbourhood or postcode area. This enables them to make home calls in case of serious illness. For this reason a GP will always ask for your home address. The GP is not allowed to pass your home address on to other people or institutions, except for other doctors or healthcare providers who have your permission to help. If you do not have a home address, it is best just to explain this.

You can make an appointment with a GP yourself. Try finding one in your own (postcode) area. You can find a GP or other type of healthcare provider near you at

Fill in your postcode under ‘Check uw zorgaanbieder’ (Find your care provider). You can make an appointment by phoning or visiting the GP. All GPs in the Netherlands can make use of the National Health Care Institute’s compensation scheme.

On the location below you can find the heath centers